Caller ID Improvements Coming To Unknown Numbers in iOS 9

iOS 9 Caller ID

The next iteration of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, iOS 9, is scheduled to be released this fall and TrapCall users will be happy to hear about improvements Apple has made to Caller ID in the upcoming version.

First off, Apple will continue to use “No Caller ID” as the way they reference blocked calls in iOS 9, we’ve found from our testing. The term is still technically incorrect, as TrapCall’s unmasking proves, but at least they’ve decided to stick with the same familiar text with this new update. It seems that the term “Blocked” Caller ID has reduced to a reminder of the early days of iPhones and we’ll be unmasking “No Caller ID” calls for years to come.

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Protecting Older Americans From A Horrible Scam

Romance Scams
Huge numbers of older Americans, often alone after the loss of a spouse, are using the Internet to make new connections. Online dating sites are a wonderful way to bring happiness to lonely people, but others have turned them into a particularly nasty scam that preys on one of the most vulnerable segments of our population. Continue Reading This Article

An Inside Look At TrapCall

When I first started working at TrapCall, over 5 years ago, I remember the pride I would feel each day I arrived. I couldn’t believe that I was given the chance to work for such an amazing company. To this day, that love for the company I work for and the people I work with, still remains strong. For some of us, TrapCall is the one constant we can rely on. You might find it odd that I feel this way about a job, but you see, it’s so much more than that.

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I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost – TrapCall’s Role In Relationship Ghosting

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Good News, Bad News, And More Good News

No one wakes up in the morning and wonders, “will I be swindled out of $10,000 today?” If people spent their time worrying about all the possible bad things that could happen, they might never get out of bed. But a piece of good news reminds us of just the kind of risk that people should think about, the kind that can cost a person thousands of dollars. It involves two things people tend to have some trust in: your phone and the IRS.  Continue Reading This Article

$229,500 Fine For Robocall Abuse Highlights Bigger Issue

It’s bad enough when you answer a call with a blocked Caller ID and a human is on the other end. Answering a call to find a recording on the line, however, adds insult to injury.

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Outfox The Scammers: Protecting Company Phones Is Critical to Data Security

Financial institutions spare no expense when it comes to protecting their data. That’s because they know that hackers and criminals are constantly looking for ways to get inside companies to sabotage systems, access private data, or steal money. Not surprisingly, the global market for computer security is expected to jump to over $170 billion a year by 2020Continue Reading This Article

Our Goal Is To Be Awesome, So We’ve Expanded Customer Support Hours

We are passionate about customer success. We want every interaction you have with TrapCall to be a great experience. A big part of that is giving you quick, easy access to our incredible support team. We’ve recruited talented new members to this support team, and have added 4 additional hours of support every week day, and 18 new support hours each weekend. Continue Reading This Article

TrapCall For iOS 8 & A Reminder To Reactivate TrapCall On Your New iPhone

Apple’s iOS 8 update is here! They’re touting it as “The biggest iOS release ever” and we’re definitely excited to take advantage of all the new developer features it has to offer.

If you’re upgrading to one of the new iPhone 6 models, or just updating your current iPhone to iOS 8, the TrapCall app will be there once you restore from iCloud. However, it is important to note that you should reprogram your phone to ensure that all blocked “No Caller ID” calls you receive are forwarding to us to unmask and show you who’s calling. Continue Reading This Article

Working For The Greater Good

Whether you’re watching the local news or reading app reviews, you may notice that sometimes the bad is more vocal than the good. TrapCall has been helping people unmask blocked calls and gain peace of mind since 2009. Lending our services to The Center for Search and Investigation (CFSI) for missing children is confirmation that what we do really makes a difference. Over the last year, CFSI has helped locate more than 200 missing children and get them back to their families. It warms our hearts to know that TrapCall was a tool in assisting their investigations and impacting so many lives. Continue Reading This Article