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Quiz: What Kind of Stalker are YOU?

Whether you’re an overprotective parent, star-struck lover, or are a secret PI, we’re all stalkers at heart. Take this quiz to find out how strong your inner stalker is.

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Rescuing Kids From Predators

When it comes to exploiting children, anonymity is the predator’s most powerful tool. Now TrapCall is ripping the mask off these criminals, exposing them for who they are and stopping them from...

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What’s Your Number?

Can you imagine paying $2.2 million dollars for a phone number? That’s what a man in Qatar plunked down for the mobile number 666-6666 at a charity auction. That’s obviously not the norm, but...

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Protecting Older Americans From A Horrible Scam

Huge numbers of older Americans, often alone after the loss of a spouse, are using the Internet to make new connections. Online dating sites are a wonderful way to bring happiness to lonely people...

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An Inside Look At TrapCall

When I first started working at TrapCall, over 5 years ago, I remember the pride I would feel each day I arrived. I couldn’t believe that I was given the chance to work for such an amazing company...


Good News, Bad News, And More Good News

No one wakes up in the morning and wonders, “will I be swindled out of $10,000 today?” If people spent their time worrying about all the possible bad things that could happen, they might never...