TrapCall Update: Landline Support, Multiple Phone Lines & Improved Control Panel

Last week we quietly rolled out a few updates to TrapCall that we’ve been very excited about. We think it’s time that we shout from the rooftops and let our new features be known!

Not only does TrapCall work on the four largest cell phone carriers in the US, but TrapCall now also works on your home and office landlines. This is our largest expansion into new carriers since we added Sprint support, so we’re extremely proud of the new capabilities we’ve rolled out with this update.

Not only are landlines now supported, but you can also add TrapCall to additional home, office and mobile phone lines that you own. Say you’ve got TrapCall on your cell phone, and you want to add TrapCall to your home phone, you can now do this right in your existing account with just a few clicks in the new TrapCall Control Panel.

And last but not least, we’ve tweaked our Control Panel once again to keep you all on your toes! We’re joking, of course. We did, however, find some areas that needed to be simplified within our Control Panel, so we’ve rolled everything out as one tidy package.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of the new updates and that you find the new landline support useful in unmasking those pesky blocked calls. Prank callers beware, TrapCall is your nightmare!

Posted on February 28th, 2011 in the Announcements Category | 1 Comment

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  1. Dranon says:

    So how would you reject the unlisted number on a landline???

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