Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Will TrapCall work on my cell phone?
Which carriers does TrapCall support?
Do you have plans to support my carrier in the future?
Does TrapCall work on landlines?
Can you unmask a blocked call I received before I signed up for TrapCall?
How does conditional call forwarding work?
Does TrapCall support Alaska and Hawaii?
Is TrapCall a scam?


I got a blocked call! Why didn't TrapCall unblock the number?
Can TrapCall unmask "No Caller ID" calls on my iPhone?
I got a call from an "Unknown" number but it came back as (999) 999-9999. What happened?


How do I access my voicemail hosted by TrapCall?

Call Recording

Is it legal for me to record all my TrapCall calls?
How do I record my incoming calls with TrapCall?
Do I have to reject the call first to enable call recording?


How does the Voicemail Transcription service work?


I got a call from a number I blacklisted. Why didn't TrapCall block the number?

Caller ID Name & Address

Why don't I always receive the billing address of an unmasked number?

On Your Phone

How do I unprogram my phone to disable TrapCall?
How do I reject calls on the iPhone?
I signed up for TrapCall but it doesn't seem to be programmed properly. What should I do?
I have T-Mobile and I can't get TrapCall programmed. What should I do?
I got a new phone and now TrapCall doesn't work. What happened?
Does TrapCall use my cell phone's minutes?
I have a Motorola Atrix or a MyTouch 4G Android phone and can't seem to program TrapCall. What should I do?
I can't get TrapCall programmed on my cell phone. What should I do?
I've changed my phone number, but I want to continue using TrapCall. What do I do?

More TrapCall Info

Does TrapCall have an affiliate program?
What if I have a question you don't list here?

Still Need Help?

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