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Number Unmasking

TrapCall will unblock and reveal the actual caller ID when a call has been blocked, even including first and last name when available.

Blacklist Unwanted Callers

Every time you ignore a call from a blacklisted caller, they'll hear a message telling them your number has been disconnected.

Call Recording

A first in mobile phones, record all of your incoming calls. You can then access them by logging into your TrapCall account.

Voicemail Transcriptions

Read your voicemail messages via SMS while in a meeting, class, movie or other busy area.

Online Management

You can access your TrapCall account from any device. You can also access your recorded voicemails online as MP3 files.

Universal Compatibility

TrapCall works with any mobile phone and most mobile carriers, with a few exceptions. There is no software or hardware to install.

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Carrier Compatibility

We're committed to offering our product to just about anyone with a cell phone, but sometimes there are technical issues that prevent us from working with a certain carrier. We are, however, always working to expand our services. If your carrier isn't supported, feel free to enter your email address and we'll email you when your carrier becomes supported. (No spam. Pinky swear.)

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Supported Carriers



Unsupported Carriers

Bost Mobile
Virgin Mobile
Alltel Wireless

Straight Talk

* TelTech Systems and the TrapCall product are not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, MetroPCS, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, Alltel Wireless, Straight Talk, Tracfone, Virgin Mobile and Cricket.