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Top 5 TrapCall FAQs

How do I unmask a blocked call?

Press the "Reject", "Ignore", "Decline" or the "End" key on your phone while receiving a blocked or restricted call. If using an iPhone, hit the power button 2 times while receiving the call.

I haven't been able to unmask any calls for the past few days, is TrapCall down?

While TrapCall does experience occasional downtime, it is extremely unlikely that an outage will span several days. If you recently bought a new phone or removed your SIM card and/or battery, your phone may require reprogramming. It is also possible that your phone was mistakenly deprogrammed by your wireless carrier. The remedy is simple: log into your account and head to the "My Account" section to reprogram your phone.

I blacklisted a caller, but my phone still rings when they call me!

When you blacklist a caller, they aren't "blocked" from calling you. If you ignore a call from a blacklisted caller, they'll hear a message telling them that your number has been disconnected rather than being taken to your voicemail. Repeated ignoring of their calls will likely discourage them from calling you again.

Certain callers do not have name or address information associated with their entry in my call logs.

Caller ID Name is derived from the same database that displays the caller's name on your landline Caller ID. Just like on your landline, some numbers do not have a name available, or will show simply as 'Wireless Caller', 'Cellphone' or the City/State as the name. If we cannot locate an address, we'll provide the city and state based on the phone number.

I have the Ultimate plan, how do I record an incoming call?

You must reject the incoming call first, just as you would in order to unmask a blocked call. You'll receive a second callback from us within a few seconds. Upon answering the second incoming call, recording will begin. You can view your recorded calls by logging into your TrapCall account online and viewing the "Calls" page in the Control Panel.