Never pick up another nusiance call

Our spam protection system creates and maintains a contact with the worst offending spam callers. When a new spammer shows up in your area, TrapCall automatically adds them to the spam filter.

Stop wasting time with telemarketers

Take back moments with your family and friends that scammers and telemarketers waste. TrapCall gives you back what spammers and robocallers steal.

Over 850,000 users trust TrapCall.

“Telemarketers were bothering me day and night. It got to the point where I didn't answer calls I didn't recognize, but then I started missing important calls. TrapCall nearly eliminated the problem for me. Any time I get a nuisance call TrapCall warns me before I pick up.”

Henry C. Van Nuys, CA

“I was getting calls from this guy who claimed he was from the IRS and that I owed thousands. I had heard about the scam so I wasn't falling for it, but I was tired of this garbage. Phony tech support scams, surveys, telemarketers, etc. I just don't need that in my life. TrapCall's spam protection is really accurate.”

Carmen D. Brentwood, TN

“I look at TrapCall as my phone's security system. If you are telemarketer, robocaller or trying to hide behind blocked caller ID, TrapCall is going to help me stop you before you break in. I will reveal your blocked number, I will know who you are, and I will deal with you.”

Bob G. Boston, MA

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