Does TrapCall Offer a Free Trial?

TrapCall - Always Know Who's Calling.“Does TrapCall offer a free trial?”

It’s one of the most common questions that we receive.

In the past, we had to say no.

But that’s changed, and we’re happy to say, “Yes!”

You can get a free 7-day trial of TrapCall when you sign up on our website for Basic, Premium, and Ultimate plans.

How TrapCall Got It’s Start

TrapCall began back in 2008. At that time, the possibility of unmasking and revealing no caller ID and unknown calls seemed like a myth. It couldn’t possibly be true!

Oh, but it was. We had figured out a way to remove the mask from callers who were looking to harm others, all while hiding behind the infamous “blocked call.”  Naturally, many were skeptical of this new technology.

When we first launched TrapCall, we offered a free trial to prove that not only could we unmask blocked callers and show their real number, but we could also give users continued peace of mind with our blacklist. We had over 10,000 emails within just days of launching our service. People were amazed this technology existed. We delivered on what we promised and more.

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With thousands of near instantaneous customers, it didn’t take long to realize we needed to hire more technical support team members to handle the enormous amounts of emails, calls, and live chats we were receiving from our customers and those interested in our service. We also realized that even though TrapCall had thousands of users, there were others who were waiting for an app to try our service. This meant we needed to hire a development team to create, design, and maintain the applications. We soon began working to release TrapCall apps for iPhone and Android.

7 Years Later

More than seven years later, we have a thriving, growing TrapCall community. From the beginning, our mantra has been to help people regain “peace of mind from blocked calls.” That was our motto then, and it continues to be. Despite the rising costs of production, we have kept our prices low, because our creators truly believe in the product and our customers.

They wanted to ensure TrapCall was accessible to all, which is why our Basic package has a starting price of $4.95 a month for unlimited unmasking and blacklisting.

Our customers receive access to our amazing support team. Not only that, but our support team and development team is in-house. When you call, you won’t be forwarded to some third-party support line in a foreign country. You’ll be speaking to a team of English speakers (and some of our amazing Spanish speakers if you’re lucky enough to chat with our bilingual team.)

Unlike some companies that charge extra for live support, we value our customers enough to give you the best product service and support, at no additional cost.

It’s been said, “You get what you pay for.” But when it comes to TrapCall, we do our best to ensure you receive more than what you pay for. Our goal is to help people protect themselves from phone harassment, and we do that every day.

Our tools and features, along with our incredible ability to unmask and reveal the real number behind “no caller ID” calls, has helped hundreds of thousands of people. And we want more to get the same piece of mind and freedom from harassment our TrapCall community gets every day.


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