Say ‘No’ to blocked calls.

With TrapCall’s patented technology you will always know who is behind anonymous blocked caller ID. Just decline the call and let us work our magic. Calls ring back to you unmasked in just a few seconds.

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Stop robocalls with automatic spam blocking. NEW!

TrapCall now offers you the most effective spam protection available. Your iPhone is automatically protected from over 100,00 telemarketers and robocalls with the TrapCall App, and Android users can reject these calls before they answer.

Blacklist harassing callers.

We have built a better blacklist to give you back your privacy.

Annoying callers you have added to your blacklist give up when they hear a message that your phone has been disconnected every time they call.

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Put names and faces to callers with Live Caller ID. NEW!

Know more about any number before you answer thanks to Live Caller ID.

We will now show you more than just the caller’s phone number; you will know who they are where they live and how they look, even before you answer the call.

Record incoming calls.

Need evidence to show the police that you are being harassed? Want a record of your conversation for your attorney? With TrapCall Ultimate you can record your incoming calls and know exactly what was said.

Privacy lock.
Protection beyond blocked numbers.

Even if a call does not have a real phone number associated with it, you are protected. By forcing 'Unknown' callers to identify themselves, you will know who is calling before you answer.

Other awesome features:

Missed call reminders
Works on any phone model
Better voicemail
Read voicemail as text
Manage your account online

and much more…

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Starts at $4.95/mo. 5-minute setup.

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