Protection beyond just
unmasking blocked numbers

Even if a call does not have a real phone number associated with it, TrapCall protects you. TrapCall's Privacy Lock feature acts as an advanced screening service that forces 'Unknown' numbers to state their name before you accept or reject their call.

Only callers you allow
get through

Hear who's calling before answering.

Callers are asked to record their name before being connected to you. When you answer, we play their recorded name and give you the chance to accept, hang up, or send your caller to voicemail.

Over 850,000 users trust TrapCall.

“I can't tell you how many times I’ve picked up the phone and regretted it for the next 15 minutes. The Privacy Lock feature allows me to save time that I would've spent wastefully listening to the ramble of a pushy sales guy.”

Bryan L. via facebook

“As an investigator, I get calls everyday from unknown numbers. Privacy Lock forces those callers to reveal themselves before I even pick up the phone. It makes my job easier and I’m thankful for it. Love this service!”

Jake M. via facebook

“My realty business is growing faster than I can manage. I don't have time to waste with unwanted callers who won't identify themselves to me. TrapCall removes this friction and allows me to carry on with my business.”

Alice P. via facebook

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